Holy Spirit Catholic School's staff is talented and ready to provide a welcoming environment where students can achieve their best in academics while learning the
Gospel message.
It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters." --Mother Teresa
Staff Directory
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Name Position Email
Corgiat, Nancy Principal corgiatna@hscsidaho.org
Arvas, Val Librarian arvasva@hscsidaho.org
Belcher, Debby Teacher, 3rd Grade belcherde@hscsidaho.org
Berry, David Physical Education berryda@hscsidaho.org
Dreger, Sr. Paul Mary Pre Kindergarten Director dregersr@hscsidaho.org
Hansen, Madison Middle School-Music folkmanma@hscsidaho.org
Gabiola, Margie Teacher, 4th Grade
Gonzales, Virginia Teacher's Aide-2nd Grade gonzalesvi@hscsidaho.org
Hennessy, Polly Vice Principal of Student Affairs hennessypo@hscsidaho.org
Johns, Robin Business Manager johnsro@hscsidaho.org
Kaiser, Peggy Middle School-Math, Religion, LEGO  kaiserpe@hscsidaho.org
Melick, Emily Cafeteria Supervisor melickem@hscsidaho.org
Milovanovic, Marie Teacher's Aide milovanovicma@hscsidaho.org
Newhouse, Deb Middle School-Humanities and Art newhousede@hscsidaho.org
Nelson, Mercy Teacher, 2nd Grade nelsonme@hscsidaho.org
Preston, Heidi Teacher, 5th Grade prestonhe@hscsidaho.org
Reams, Deb Middle School-Science reamsde@hscsidaho.org
Shaw, Courtney Preschool, Pre 4 shawco@hscsidaho.org
Sheridan, Laura Teacher, 1st Grade sheridanla@hscsidaho.org
Shipley, Diana Teacher, Music shipleydi@hscsidaho.org
Smith, Marie Special Events Coordinator smithma@hscsidaho.org
Van Minsel, Meg Teacher's Aide, Kindergarten vanminselme@hscsidaho.org