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Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

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Preschool Teacher


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Holy Spirit Child Care and ELF program, which is under the direct operation of Holy Spirit Catholic School, serves the children of Holy Spirit Catholic School and their younger siblings. This program provides both preschool/pre-kindergarten curriculum as well as before/after school care for all students.

Our intent is to provide your child with an affordable, fun, and safe program where children are cared for by a team of qualified staff.

Early Learning Foundations Handbook (PDF)

2020-2021 Early Learning Foundations Rates and Tuition Contract (PDF)

Our Program Goals:

  1. We create an environment that fosters a respect for all life.
  2. We strive to create a program that supports the growth of each child in their spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological, cognitive, and social development as he or she becomes who God is calling him/her to be.
  3. We encourage each child to try new things, ask questions, and be responsible for his/her own learning process.
  4. We want children to be confident, independent, cooperative and eager to learn. Therefore, we provide experiences that offer opportunities, with the support of the teachers when needed, to develop problem-solving skills, communication skills, and respect for one’s self and for others.
  5. We want to create a safe and healthy environment for children. We believe in practicing the best practices in child health, safety, and nutrition and believe that it is an integral part of the program.

The Preschool and Pre-K programs integrate the following:

  • Spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and academic development
  • Fun and friendship
  • Center Based Learning Activities – Learning through play
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Music, Library, Physical Education
  • Field Trips
  • A safe, nurturing, and structured environment

The Before and After School Program incorporates the following:

  • Spiritual Development
  • Fun and friendship
  • Recreational activities
  • A safe, nurturing, and structured environment
  • Creativity
  • Homework support
  • Opportunities to develop social skills
  • Nutritious snacks


NOTE: Before/After School care is for children ages 3-12. Before School Care (7:30 – 8:00 a.m.);  After School Care (2:45– 6:00 p.m.)

Each child will be treated with and should display a spirit of fair play and true justice at all times. All children at Holy Spirit are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner: respecting themselves, classmates, supervisors, equipment, and all with whom they come in contact.

Our developmentally appropriate children’s activities and learning centers will be used to further each child’s growth. Catholic teachings, beliefs, and practices will be integrated into all parts of the day, as well as social skills which will assist children in becoming productive members of our community.

Please feel free to ask the principal, the director, or any of the staff, if you have questions about this handbook or would like to have it more fully explained.

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